Glad you're interested in the Festival 2013. Here's the description of what to expect and how to participate.

Festival 2013 Plans

The North Carolina Bookcast Festival will bring together teen readers across the state who share their bookcasts via the Web. Teen readers (13 to 19) may post their bookcasts. Festival 2013 will be held the month of March 2013 when a bookcast will be featured every week.

To Participate in Festival 2013

Young adult literature is the most dynamic and prolific area of publishing today. We want to celebrate books written for young adults and we want our bookcasters to share the young adult books that rise above the rest. Consider Festival 2013 a venue for sharing a special book, expressing your creativity, and having some fun with technology.

Book Specifications:

We'd like to see bookcasts on any books considered young adult literature. Here are some recommended lists:

Bookcast Specifications:
  1. Bookcasts must be around 3 minutes in length to be considered for Festival 2013. You can get too much of a good thing. Edit down to perfection.
  2. All bookcasts must be rated G for general audiences.
  3. All bookcasters must observe the intellectual property rights of others. To learn about copyright and fair use, watch this pretty cool music video. You'll find some great resources for royalty-free music and images on this Symbaloo Webmix.
  4. We encourage collaborative creations.
  5. NC State University graduate students (teachers and future teachers) in the "Learning Through Literature with Young Adults" course have created some bookcasts. Take a look . . .

Bookcast Submission Procedure
  1. Use only your first name or better yet a pseudonym to create your YouTube Channel.
  2. Upload your bookcast to your YouTube Channel. Be sure to choose the "no comments" option. Sorry, but bookcasts that allow comments will not be accepted. We want to avoid the often inappropriate comments that can often distract from the value of the work.
  3. Also be sure to choose the "unlisted" option and do not tag.
  4. Then email the your url (under Share) to
  5. With the acceptance email, you'll be asked to share your first name, your school, and the name of the teacher who shared news of this project with you.
  6. There is no limit to how many bookcasts you may include in the Festival 2013 gallery.

Festival 2013 Privacy and Security Reminders

By submitting your bookcasts to the Festival 2013 Group, you are agreeing to share your bookcast freely with the Festival 2013 participants. You should also realize that your YouTube username will be visible to the public and they may send messages to you through YouTube. Remember to practice appropriate Web behavior and digital citizenship. Be vigilant in protecting your privacy and staying safe. If there are any site visitors who behave inappropriately, please contact Cris Crissman at and share your concerns.