Welcome to the North Carolina Bookcast Festival: Celebrating Teen Readers and Young Adult Literature!

When you read a book, really read a book, you can often discover something -- some truth or message or touchstone or even a question -- that changes you. Change is what the North Carolina Bookcast Festival is all about. We invite you to share the changes you experience from books that mean something to you.

And to share that change in ways that may be a big change in how you typically respond to books. A bookcast is a multimedia response to a literary experience. It is as singular and personal as the experience itself. Louise Rosenblatt, who knew a lot about responding to literature, described literature as "performing." Consider a bookcast to be a performance piece preserved for the Web.

The goal of a bookcast is to cast as in "to set forth or let loose" a response to the book that shares not the story of the book but something that the book brought out in you, perhaps what you felt or learned through the reading and reflecting. Rather than tell your viewer, you show your viewer by sharing that sense, feeling, thought through story, sound, and images.

So read a book, produce a bookcast, and publish it in the North Carolina Bookcast Festival Web Gallery.

See new awesome bookcasts created by Michele DeCamp's students for Anne McCaffrey's Dragonsong and Corenlia Funke's Inkheart! Also learn about Michele's fascinating study of how the gender of protagonists affects readers.

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